Velvet Slipper Divine is retail reimagined, repurposed, redesigned. A store with wanderlust, it has no fixed location, nor hours, nor is it any type of inventory-specific. The concept could never be captured or bound by walls or hours or eCommerce—it's too broad, too beautiful, too unique—because beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. Because beauty can be anything you want it to be.
At some points in history, often at times of great need, mankind has come together in unexpected ways to help the whole of humanity achieve more than the individual could. In the historic French salons, deals were made, patrons were found, revolutions were started. In this spirit, we host and partner in events where perceptions are changed, new partnerships emerge, and people become the best versions of themselves.
When humans work together to achieve what they cannot do apart, they cross over into the divine. For us, that also means contributing back a portion of the proceeds from all events to a deserving charity or cause.